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10 Farmhouse Barndominium Interior Design Ideas

Are you a Fixer Upper fan? If so, you’ve likely seen Chip and Joanna turn a horse barn into a stunning family home, aka a “barndominium.” Since then, the barndo trend has skyrocketed. And it’s no wonder—the modern farmhouse look is irresistible, making everyone long for country living. If you’re smitten with barndos too, don’t worry, we understand. We’ve got some fantastic barndominium interior design ideas to help you create your own farmhouse, bringing that dreamy countryside feel to life. Let’s dive into the barndominium vibe!

What Makes Barndominium Design Plans so Special? 

They combine living spaces on top with stables below, offering the best of both worlds. These homes are typically spacious, with high ceilings, exposed structures, and large glass windows. Plus, they’re cost-effective, saving money on building separate structures for large properties.

Before designing a barndominium, there are some key things to consider:

  • Check Local Regulations

This ensures your design complies with size, height, and other requirements. Also, consider fire and flood protection, especially in rural areas prone to forest fires and bushfires. Make sure the property has all necessary clearances from authorities.

  • When it Comes to Dividing Space Between Work and Living Areas in a Barndominium, there are Various Options:

Some designers choose to divide the barn vertically, with living quarters on one end and working space on the other. For instance, you could have a barn on the ground floor and a cozy living area above. 

Not keen on a full-fledged barn? Consider building an RV garage, a spacious home office, or a green area for gardening. The beauty of barndominiums is the flexibility to divide the space as you wish. And unlike traditional homes, you can make significant layout changes even after you begin designing.

  • What layout suits you best? 

Think open living rooms and kitchens with stylish islands, combined living and working areas, or versatile dining spaces. Not only does this layout create a sense of spaciousness, but it also fosters family bonding, allows for easy supervision of children and elders, enables entertaining guests while cooking, and facilitates sharing meaningful moments with loved ones.

  • Considerations for Site Preparation and Soil:

Even a slight slope in your land can require extensive excavation and filling when constructing a large structure like a barndominium. Test your soil for its water retention capabilities. If it holds too much water, you’ll need to rethink waste management and rainwater drainage systems.

  • Climate Considerations:

Are you ready to embrace rural living? Plus are you prepared to forgo the conveniences of city life?

  • Choosing a Builder:

Finding a builder experienced in metal structure construction is crucial. Metal buildings exposed to varying temperatures require precise construction to avoid cracks or gaps. Utilities like electricity, water, and gas lines must be carefully planned and executed to avoid future hassles.

  • Metal Construction Kits:

Consider wood and metal construction kits, which offer customizable options based on square footage, materials, desired features, barn style, and finishes. They’re quicker to build and require less investment.

Barndominium Interior Design Ideas and Styling Tips 

Hey! We know making a cozy space in a place meant for machines or animals can be tricky, right? But hey, good news! You can still make a comfy spot in a barndominium!

Roofing Solutions

Barndominium Interior Design

Barndominiums stand out with their metal exteriors. But if all-metal isn’t your thing, try timber for the roof and steel for support. Skip those die-formed ridge panels. Instead, go for a closed ridge gap. It covers the metal panels and keeps your roof leak-free. Black roofs? They’re great for saving energy!

Solid Foundations: Steel vs. Concrete for Stability and Comfort

Barndominium Interior Design

To keep things sturdy, use steel. It helps open up barndominium layouts by cutting down on the need for walls to hold up the weight. Or, you can go for a solid concrete slab instead. With a concrete slab, you can even add radiant floor heating. It’s super efficient!

Framing and Layout: Maximizing Space and Flexibility

Barndominium Interior Design

Outside, you need steel beams. Inside, go for wood lumber. It’ll come in handy when you’re setting up other indoor stuff.

Now, about the layout. Barns are all about open space, right? So, open floor plans are perfect for barndominiums. They help you feel connected, whether you’re talking or just looking around. 

The cool thing about barndominiums? They’re super flexible. You can customize any part of it, including the floor plan. And don’t forget about the hallways. Keep them at least 36 inches wide. If space is tight, make sure you’ve got at least 3.5 feet of hallway space.

Beams and Designs for Character

Barndominium Interior Design

This is where you can get super creative! For ceilings, go for something strong and stylish. You can have cool-looking beams that add a touch of architecture. Want a rustic or Mediterranean vibe? Try strained or distressed beams. For a more modern feel, sleek, painted beams are the way to go.

Wallpaper, Textures, and Patterns

Barndominium Interior Design

Now, onto the walls. Spice them up with fancy wallpaper, textured walls, or cool patterns. Mix it up to add some warmth to what could be a cold and industrial space.

Managing Acoustics and Insulation

Barndominium Interior Design

Big spaces like barndominiums can be tricky with temperature and sound. And since barndominiums have lots of hard surfaces, they can get noisy. Even with air conditioning, you might have trouble with heat and sound bouncing around. One way to handle it is with insulation. And for sound, you can use soft stuff like curtains and panels to keep things quiet. Looking to leave a lasting impression? Dive into our tips and tricks for crafting grand entrances and stylish hall interior design that wow.

Insulation is key, too. Metal on the outside can cause condensation and temperature changes inside. So, you need to insulate smartly. Think about where to add insulation and what type to use. Don’t forget about sealing everything up tight!

Choosing Between Powder and Full Baths

Barndominium Interior Design

When it comes to baths, a powder bath might seem like a good idea, but a full bath is better for resale value. And leaks and humidity can be a headache, so a dehumidifier is a must.

Maximizing Views and Energy Efficiency

Barndominium Interior Design

In the countryside, you want to enjoy the breeze and the view. So, go big with your windows! Vinyl or vinyl-clad wooden windows are sturdy and last long. And overhangs can protect them from bad weather.

For energy efficiency, choose materials that keep the heat in or out. And in hot areas, a vapor barrier outside can help keep things cool. Want to create a space that reflects your personality? Dive into our curated list of the 15 must-have decorating items for every room.

Making the Most of Limited Space

Barndominium Interior Design

Bedrooms don’t need to be huge. Even a cozy 10×12-foot room can be a great master bedroom.

Natural Light, Plants, and Outdoor Living

Barndominium Interior Design

Let in lots of natural light, and bring in some plants to connect with nature. And don’t forget about the outdoors! Build cool stuff like patios and fire pits to enjoy with your family.

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