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Rustic Elegance: Barndominium Design Ideas for Home

Have you ever wondered if you were given a chance to give up on your hustling urban life and settle down in the mountains or countryside forever? You would have to build up a small wooden cottage-like home beside a flowing stream and live a simple life. It might sound like a distant dream now, but what if it was true? Thinking about it brings some amount of mental peace to you, just like it does to us. 

Well, this is called a barndominium living style. If you ever want to turn this dream into a reality, then we have come up with some excellent Barndominium design ideas for your home. Read this article till the end to find what a barndominium life can offer you and how to incorporate barndominium designs in your home. 

About Barndominium Design

Bardominium Design Ideas
Image Source: Midjourney

In a world where people are striving to achieve perfection in every sphere of their lives, barndominium designs celebrate the imperfection of raw natural beauty. Withered wood and corrugated metals are some of the elements of a barndominium interior.  This type of design creates a connection with nature and promotes a simple lifestyle. The rustic charm and warm color palette of a barndominium house imparts warmth and takes us back to some vintage era. It lets us experience the luxuries of the vintage era.  

Benefits of Living in Barndominium


Bardominium Design Ideas
Image Source: Midjourney

Barndominium interior style is far beyond a mere trend. Living in a barndominium house can give a distinctive lifestyle to a person and make him understand the importance of natural resources.  

Here are some of the benefits of living a barndominium life: 

  • Affordability: One of the essential benefits of barndominium house construction is that it’s affordable. It typically uses prefabricated steel or post-frame construction methods. Moreover, these materials are low-maintenance, saving maintenance costs for the future. You may easily plan to build a low-cost simple barndominium in a countryside area that could be used as a summer retreat.    
  • Spaciousness: We often witness open floor layouts in barndominium houses, which promotes spaciousness. This design features high ceilings promoting architectural drama. These homes also feature exposed beams to let natural light come in. 
  • Durability: The metal exteriors of a barndominium house are more durable than other materials and can withstand any weather condition. 
  • Living Amidst Nature: A barn dominium lifestyle allows a person to live amidst nature and develop a strong connection with it. Furthermore, a barndominium style also typically uses raw natural resources. Hence, a barndominium house is also eco-friendly. This design features large windows, open spaces, high ceilings, and exposed beams to maximize the source of natural light. 

Décor & Furniture of Barndominium Interior Style 

Bardominium Design Ideas
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Here are some of the décor and furniture ideas that you can implement in your barndominium home: 

  • Farmhouse Style Décor: We usually find a lot of natural material usage in farmhouse style decor, like wood, stone, and woven fibers. The color palette is generally warm, earthy tones such as warm beige, creamy white, and shades of brown. For a farmhouse barndominium area, the furniture is kept minimalistic yet functional. These furniture usually have a distressed and weathered finish, as the barndominium interior style finds beauty in imperfection. 
  • Small Barndominium House Décor: Building a small barndominium house won’t feel heavy in your pocket. Also, a small barndominium house is a perfect choice for a family of three. For a small barndominium floor plan, choose a decluttered and open floor layout to make your small house appear spacious and airy. Include multi-purpose furniture that can serve multiple purposes. Use a bright neutral color palette such as beige or cream, and use large windows to maximize the source of natural light. Add additional elements like rugs, natural textures, and warm lights to bring out the rustic charm in your small house.  
  • Big Barndominium House Décor: Choosing the décor and furniture of a big two-story barndominium house might make you feel overwhelmed in the beginning. But our tips and tricks will make it easier for you. Make sure to use a warm, neutral color palette like warm browns, beige, and creamy whites. Use natural materials and textures of wood and woven areas to highlight a few areas of your house. You may use statement chandeliers in the hall of your 2-story barndominium house to make it a focal point of your home. You may incorporate some vintage-style wooden furniture in your house to bring out its rustic and vintage charm.
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