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Exclusive Tour: Inside Tom Cruise’s Lavish Homes

“We can either accept what’s given or fight like hell for what we deserve.” This is a famous dialogue by Tom Cruise from his movie Mission: Impossible- Fallout.

This dialogue emphasizes perseverance and relentless efforts towards reaching one’s goal.

This dialogue has somewhat become a part of our daily lives, motivating us to push further and reach new heights. We are sure, this has also been the story of Tom Cruise as well.

In the 1980s, a young teenage boy came to New York with the dream of becoming a successful Hollywood actor. After acting in several small roles, he finally cracked the lead role in ‘Risky Business’ in 1983. Today, the world recognizes him as Tom Cruise. Soon after his performance in Risky Business, we saw Cruise emerge as our favorite action hero through movies like Top Gun, Rain Man, Mission Impossible, etc. He also played significant roles in Hollywood drama films like Born on the Fourth of July.

Today, Tom Cruise’s net worth is approximately $600 million. The person who merely moved to New York from Syracuse with a dream of becoming an actor possesses four houses across the globe. In this article, we will primarily talk about the houses of Tom Cruises and take a virtual tour of them. 

Tom Cruise’s Houses: 

Tom Cruise is one of the richest Hollywood stars at the moment. Over these years, Cruise has built up an impressive real estate portfolio. As per media speculations we have come to know that Tom Cruise currently owns four houses. Here is a glimpse of what Tom Cruise House looks like: 

  1. Hollywood Hill Mansion

Tom Cruise

Built in 2004, the Hollywood Hill mansion of Tom Cruise features a hint of Tuscany in the heart of Los Angeles. This residence of Tom Cruise has garnered attention for its architectural excellence and luxurious amenities. 

The architecture of this mansion is inspired by the rustic vibes of Tuscan with sun-baked terracotta tiles and arched doors. The huge mansion is quite spacious from the inside, with 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. The mansion has large windows and high ceilings, allowing natural light to enter in abundance. 

The interior of Cruise’s mansion is inclined towards European styles with wide-plank hardwood floors and Venetian plaster walls.

Media reports suggest that Cruise’s Hollywood Hills mansion consists of modern amenities like a swimming pool, a spacious backyard for entertainment, and maybe a home theater. 

  1. Beverly Hills Mansion 

Tom Cruise

Built in 1937, Tom Cruise’s Beverly Hills mansion perfectly reflects the grandeur of Hollywood. This property is a seamless blend of classic architectural style and luxurious amenities. For example, the Beverly Hills mansion features a symmetric front facade, grand columns, and a timeless elegance that gives the vibe of the golden era of Hollywood.

Spread over an area of 10,000 square feet, this mansion of Cruise has ample living space, a grand ballroom, a formal dining hall, and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

As per media speculations, this mansion contains a huge backyard with a large swimming pool, tennis court, and playground. 

The interior of this mansion is likely to have luxurious finishes throughout. From rich wood paneling to premium marble tabletop, this mansion is said to be the epitome of luxury.

However, Tom Cruise sold this property in 2015, yet it remains an important symbol of Cruise’s success and Hollywood’s grandeur. 

  1. Tom Cruise’s Secluded Ranch in Colorado 

Tom Cruise
Image Source: luxuryhousedesign

The 320-acre estate located amidst the Rocky Mountains of Colorado was one of Tom Cruise’s houses. It served as a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. This property likely featured a rustic charm that complemented the natural beauty of the landscape of Colorado. Although we are unaware of the exact size of this property, we are certain this property offers ample living space with cozy fireplaces and expansive windows for enjoying stunning views. However, Tom Cruise sold this property in 2023 for approximately $39.5 million.

  1. Tom Cruise’s English Estate in West Sussex, UK 

Tom Cruise

According to media reports, Tom Cruise owned a luxurious estate amidst the picturesque countryside of West Sussex, England. He purchased this property in 2006 and lived there for some amount of time. This property offered a tranquil gateway to Cruise from the limelight. With an area of approximately 11,000 square feet, this property has 6 bedrooms, a home theater, a gym, an outdoor swimming pool, and a tennis court, reflecting a lavish lifestyle. If you’re intrigued by celebrity homes, you might also enjoy exploring King Khan’s Palace: Discovering Facts About Mannat House to uncover more about Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic residence.

Although we are not clearly aware of the interior decoration of this property we assume it must be luxurious, and the grandeur is at par with any celebrity mansion.

As per some latest media reports, we have come to know that Cruise sold this property to Peter Andre in 2016 for approximately £5 million. 

With that, we have arrived at the end of this article. In conclusion, we can say that Tom Cruise’s real estate portfolio reflects his sophisticated taste and Hollywood’s grandeur. If you have enjoyed reading this article, then stay tuned until we come up with another virtual celebrity house tour.

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