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About Us

Our Journey from Collaboration to Inspiration

Hey there, design enthusiasts and architecture aficionados! Welcome to Interiors Collective, the cosiest corner of the internet where modern interiors and innovative architecture take centre stage.

Experience Breeds Expertise:

Our journey began in the digital marketing realm, collaborating closely with construction material companies, architects, and interior designers. Through these partnerships, we’ve developed an innate sense of how design, materials, and creativity intertwine. We have had the privilege of witnessing the transformation of spaces, from ordinary to extraordinary, from outdated to contemporary, and from mundane to luxurious. This extensive experience has not only sharpened our eye for design but has also allowed us to gain a deep appreciation for the intricate relationship between architecture and interiors

Creating a Dedicated Platform:

But here’s what truly fuels our passion: our founder’s love affair with modern interiors. From the clean lines to the harmonious blend of function and aesthetics, this passion led him to do something extraordinary – designing his very own abode and workspace. 

The sheer joy and inspiration that bubbled from this personal journey set the wheels in motion for Interiors Collective. We’re here to share the stories, tips, and trends that sparked our creative odyssey, in the hope that they’ll ignite your own imaginative escapades.

Inspiring Spaces for All:

Our platform is not just for those with grand budgets or lavish aspirations; it is for anyone who desires to elevate their living or working environments. We firmly believe that exceptional design should be accessible to all. So, whether you’re an architect seeking fresh ideas, a designer on the lookout for ingenious tricks, or simply someone who’s all about turning houses into homes, Interiors Collective is designed to inspire and educate everyone.

Together, let’s explore the captivating realm where modern interiors meet innovative architecture, and let your creativity run wild.

Editorial Board

Sahil Gore
Sahil Gore

Architect & Interior Designer

Mahak Agrawal
Mahak Agrawal

Sustainability Expert

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