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Rustic Charm: Simple Barndominium Interior Design Ideas

So, you’ve got plenty of choices when it’s time to plan out your barndominium, and if you don’t want to commit to something extensive, there’s always starting small and keeping it simple. Let’s check out some of the best simple barndominium interior design ideas. 

Wall Decor Ideas 

  • Modern Art: Adding modern art pieces to the walls is a neat idea for a modern barndominium. You can choose art that matches your home’s style while also making it feel modern. It’s like solving a puzzle; modern art just clicks when you see it.
  • Family Art: Some folks think you can’t have family photos in a modern barndominium, but that’s not true. Big, blown-up pictures of your family can be a sweet touch to any modern barndominium interior.
  • Cultural Art: Your barndominium can show off the area you live in. Decorate your walls with items, pictures, or colors that remind you of your town, state, or country. It’s like bringing a piece of home right into your place.
  • Blank Walls: Sometimes, the most modern thing you can do is leave your walls bare. Just paint them with whatever color you like, and they’ll give your barndominium that modern vibe all on their own.

Vaulted Ceilings and Loft Conversion 

While you can design your barndominiums from scratch, it’s smart to work with the existing structure and interior architecture to create an amazing space. The high, vaulted ceilings prevent the all-wood interior from feeling gloomy and cramped. 

Barn lofts are another standout feature in any barndominium conversion. You can stick to a rustic design vibe and incorporate metal railings with the wood theme if you’d like. Plus, the loft opens up space below it, which can be perfect for the kitchen. This barndominium design makes the most of the spacious layout that’s typical in traditional barns.


A big part of any barndominium design is a spacious kitchen, but we get it if that’s not your preference and you want to keep it in line with the available space. You could opt for a smaller kitchen island and add some colorful bar stools to make it a social spot. Matching the wood tones from the exposed support beams throughout the home for the countertops can tie the look together. And don’t forget, the barn loft you’ve created by utilizing the vaulted ceilings can overlook the kitchen, adding to the charm.

Family Room

In barndominiums, the kitchen and living room are often connected, creating two main communal areas. Barns naturally offer an open layout, and homeowners make the most of it by dividing their space accordingly. 

Adding plenty of windows and a bright ceiling can make the area feel even more spacious. In the family room, consider using light, soft pastel colors for a relaxed atmosphere. 

Greens and blues are commonly associated with country home designs. You can also repurpose a trunk and wire basket for storage, both classic elements in rustic homes.


Simple Bardominium Interior Ideas

Just because you’re living in a barndominium doesn’t mean you’re stuck with wood panel walls. Opt for solid color walls painted in relaxing tones for a serene bedroom atmosphere. If you have exposed support beams, it’s easy for the room to feel cramped with the beams hanging lower than the ceiling, making interior decisions tricky.

To avoid this, consider painting both the ceiling and beams white to brighten the space. Coordinate your bright ceiling with ample windows to maximize natural light reflection throughout the room. Keep décor accents minimal, and if you have a fireplace, let it be the focal point.

9 Tips to Design Small Barndominium Interiors:

Traditional barn-style interiors are cozy, inviting, and wrap you in a cocoon of tranquility. You can almost picture them smelling like warm apple pie and freshly brewed coffee. 

While we can’t whip up that pie for you, we’re here to share some key features of these homes so you can create your own snug farmhouse-style interiors.

  • Choose classic wooden barn-style doors.
  • Bring back or construct signature vaulted ceilings to capture the essence of a barn home.
  • Carve out a spacious kitchen island that flows into a family room, a hallmark of farmhouses.
  • With ample space in a barn home, opt for a few large furniture pieces instead of filling it up with small ones.
  • Rather than erecting walls that interrupt the open layout, use colors to connect different areas. Imagine: a pristine white kitchen, a dining room in soothing pastels, or a family room adorned in shades of sunny yellow and rich brown.
  • Design spaces to serve multiple functions. For instance, add a Murphy bed to a study so it can double as a guest room.
  • Make use of the soaring ceilings by constructing a loft for private areas like the primary bedroom. It can also serve as storage, a valuable addition.
  • Let the exterior design of barns inspire the interiors: Focus on incorporating plenty of large windows and well-designed porches to fully embrace barndominium living.
  • Integrate Dutch or table doors wherever feasible.

Here are some style ideas that we think might help you to design your small barndominium interiors

  • Modern: This style sticks to a simple color scheme and keeps things clean, tidy, and straightforward inside. It’s all about using natural materials with different textures, and sometimes, leaving structural parts visible for a unique touch.
  • Contemporary: Think of Pinterest boards as your guide for this style because “contemporary” is what’s hot right now. Like Instagram’s ever-changing feed, contemporary design is always evolving. It takes inspiration from other styles like modern, rustic, and bohemian. Both contemporary and modern homes share a minimalist look, featuring clean lines and natural materials.
  • Rustic: This is the essence of farmhouse barndominium interiors. It’s all about embracing the natural, earthy, and authentic. Rustic style celebrates reclaimed wood, natural hues, and materials in their purest form. These interiors feel cozy and inviting with warm tones, textured surfaces, handmade touches, exposed beams, and off-white walls.

If you’re considering a barndominium for your future home, exploring simple barndominium house plans is a great starting point. There are many online resources and design firms specializing in creating these efficient and stylish living spaces. Understanding how much does it cost to build a small barndominium is a crucial step. For inspiration, I browsed through collections of simple barndominium house plans to find the perfect layout that suits everyone’s budget and lifestyle. Oh! Do read our article on 10 Structures that Explain Contemporary Architecture in Style

  • 1,200 sq. ft. (30 ft. x 40 ft.): $36,000-$60,000
  • 1,600 sq. ft. (40 ft. x 40 ft.): $48,000-$80,000
  • 2,400 sq. ft. (40 ft. x 60 ft.): $72,000-$120,000
  • 2,800 sq. ft. (40 ft. x 70 ft.): $84,000–$140,000
  • 3,200 sq. ft. (40 ft. x 80 ft.): $96,000–$160,000
  • 3,600 sq. ft. (60 ft. x 60 ft.): $108,000-$180,000
  • 4,000 sq. ft. (50 ft. x 80 ft.): $120,000-$200,000
  • 5,000 sq. ft. (50 ft. x 100 ft.): $150,000-$250,000
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