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5 Unique Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas to Consider

Who doesn’t want a well-designed above ground pool deck that can instantly refresh a person’s mood? Well, as the summer holidays are approaching all of us are craving for some quality family hours and having an above ground swimming pool is compulsory.

Well, if you are looking for some cool design inspirations then read this article till the end. In this article we will dive deep into our minds and come up with mood-lifting above ground pool deck ideas.   

Wood Deck Ideas for Above Ground Pool

Designing a wooden deck around an above ground pool can be a smart idea. These decks add a natural beauty to the pool without compromising its functional aspects. Moreover, a wooden deck also creates a lovely atmosphere around the pool which seems inviting and comforting.

While choosing wooden deck ideas for above ground pools, make sure that you go for treated wood which will be more durable and can resist moisture.

Furthermore, you may also add few extra elements like small stairs, seating areas and planters to further elevate the theme around the pool.

Maintenance tips for wooden pool decks:

·       Keep your pool area clean by regularly dusting off dirt around the area. Use a specialized wood cleaner to wash and sweep the place.

·       Conduct inspections around your pool area frequently to check for any damages.

·       If any issue is seen, take quick action and repair it.

·       Avoid using any harsh chemicals for cleaning the deck.

Composite Deck Ideas for Above Ground Pool:

A composite deck is made by mixing wood fibers and plastics.  As a result, it is moisture and resistant. It can be a great option for people who are looking for stylish yet low maintenance above ground pool deck idea.

Here is a quick tip how you can beautify your composite deck around the pool. You may add some in-built seating options and install lights and sleek railings to enhance the appearance of the area. You may choose from a variety of color and textures to give a contemporary theme to your pool area. 

Maintenance tips for composite deck above ground pool:

As we have already mentioned, a composite deck is a low-maintenance one. Still, here are some tips that will help you to keep your pool area clean.

·       Sweep dirt and dry leaves away from the deck area regularly.

·       Wash the area in periodic intervals. Preferably use a composite deck cleaner to get rid of pollens and other organic growth from the pool area.

·       If there is any spillage from food or drinks, sweep it off immediately to avoid any stains.

·       Avoid using any harsh chemical to clean the deck.

·       Protect your deck from UV light. Use shades in your pool area to prevent fading of colors.

PVC deck ideas for above ground pool:

A PVC deck is made up of synthetic materials, primarily polyvinyl chloride. This material is moisture, and color resistant. Therefore, it’s an ideal option for people searching stylish yet a low maintenance and durable above group pool deck ideas.

A PVC pool deck can be further made beautiful by setting up seating arrangements, stylish railings and attractive ambient light. You may also use cool decors to set up a quirky theme around your pool area.

Maintenance tips for PVC decks for above ground pool:

·       Wash the deck frequently and sweep away any dust, dirt, dry leaves or pollens around the deck area.

·       Always use PVC friendly cleaners to clean the area.

·       Avoid harsh and harmful chemicals to clean the deck.

·       Use furniture pads to prevent scratches on the surface of the deck.

Concrete deck ideas for above ground pool:

As the name suggest, a concrete deck above ground pool is made up of Portland cement, water, aggressive and additives. It is a best choice for people looking for versatile and durable option. It can also be customized as per one’s preferred style such as sleek modern, or natural aesthetic or rustic.

Concrete decks can also be customized in one’s desired shape, color and texture. You can create a beautiful theme around your pool area by adding planters, aesthetic seating arrangements and a little ambient light. For further decorations you may use stamped patters. Looking for more ways to enhance your outdoor space? Check out our 10 Creative Small Patio Ideas for Cozy Outdoor Living.

Maintenance tips for concrete decks around above ground pools:

·       Clean regularly and sweep off unnecessary dust, dirt and debris.

·       Use a good quality concrete sealer once in every three years to protect the surface from getting damaged.  

·       Use a concrete-friendly cleaner to keep the surface clean.

·       Always avoid harsh chemicals.

Paver deck ideas for above ground pool:

Pavers are usually made up of concrete, stone or bricks. It comes in different styles. Therefore, it could be a great option for the ones who are looking for visually appealing poolside decks.

As the pavers come in different shape and colors, one may go completely creative while choosing a poolside deck design.

These type of decks represent style, elegance and class. You may further add theme-based seating arrangements and lights to make your pool area look attractive.

Maintenance tips for Paver decks for above ground pool:

·       Maintain a regular cleaning schedule and sweep off dirt, leaves, and debris.

·       Wash the deck surface in periodic intervals.

·       Use a proper surface cleaner that is ideal for cleaning paver decks.

·       Avoid using harsh chemicals.

With that, we have reached towards the end of this article. We hope this article helps you to choose the suitable above ground pool deck.

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Editorial Team

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