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Finding the Perfect Small Standing Desk for Your Space

Whether you want to save space at work or, more likely, in your home office, choosing a practical, stylish, and small standing desk is essential. However, what parameters should you consider when looking for a desk for your small space? While design and features are always important, it’s the dimensions (particularly depth) that you should be most concerned with. 

The regular office desk is usually around 30 inches deep. Sounds okay, right? Well, it might be more than you need, especially if all you’re using it for is your laptop and maybe some cool desk decorations. But don’t worry! There are lots of desks made specifically for those who need less depth.

Small Standing Desk Ideas 

  1. Mounted Desk 
Small Standing Desk

When you’re unsure, remember the golden rule of living in small spaces: go vertical. Opting for a wall-mounted desk is the perfect space-saving solution, offering remarkable versatility. Select one equipped with shelves for storing books, plants, office essentials, and anything else essential for your home office setup.

  1. Compact Standing Desk 
Small Standing Desk

Craft your perfect office area using a compact standing desk, even in limited space. Enhance it with a colorful rolling stool or chair on wheels to create a snug corner.

  1. Small Adjustable Standing Desk
Small Standing Desk

If you’re working from home, we recommend choosing a small adjustable standing desk. Look for one equipped with a motorized handle for quiet, effortless lifting. Opt for customization options such as outlet placement, wire management, finishes, and more.

  1. Small Height Adjustable Desk
Small Standing Desk

If you’re not ready for a new desk plus don’t have enough square footage, a converter which can be used as a small height adjustable desk is a reliable option to enjoy the perks of a standing desk without spending much. Simply place it on your current desk, a countertop, a dresser, a sideboard, or any spot where you work.

  1. Customizations to Look for in Small Stand up Desks
Small Standing Desk

When it comes to small stand up desks, there are countless options and customizations available. For instance, you could choose a desk with a neutral finish, allowing you to easily complement it with unique artwork or an eye-catching area rug.

Moreover, everyone desires something that’s quick to install and has controls that function seamlessly. Also, ensure you opt for a quiet motor to avoid any ear-screeching transitions from sitting to standing.

  1. Go with a Thin Standing Desk
Small Standing Desk

Feeling restless or just dodging the sun? We understand, and your desk should too. Consider a thin standing desk, easy to carry around wherever you please.

  1. Industrial Small Space Standing Desks
Small Standing Desk

There are plenty of small space standing desks that fit an industrial vibe. Choose an adjustable-height desk with a wrist-friendly crank for smooth adjustments. Look for angled braces and sturdy feet for added stability.

  1. Narrow Standing Desk Converter 
Small Standing Desk

Looking for a narrow standing desk converter? Well, a two-tiered standing desk which can fit your essential work equipment/gadgets is perfect. Adjust its height easily with a button. Plus, it holds necessary items compared to a regular converter, saving you from buying a new standing desk. For more small space tips, don’t miss our guide: “From Cramped To Cozy: How To Arrange Furniture In A Small Living Room.”

  1. Hairpin-Legged Mini Standing Desks
Small Standing Desk

Looking for space-saving mini standing desks? Consider a hairpin-legged one! It’s perfect for small spaces or a tight budget. Ideal for creating a makeshift home office anywhere in your house, it also doubles as a stylish decor piece. Use it to house your computer or create a cozy workspace.

  1. Multipurpose small sit stand desk
Small Standing Desk

Got limited space? Then a folding desk might be a good option for you. Opt for a wooden small sit stand desk which has a traditional look to it, and it’s even better if it comes with a tiny drawer for keeping pencils and Post-Its. Add a small shelf for showing off plants and pictures—or hang a mirror above it to turn the desk into a vanity.

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