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8 Clever Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

It’s obvious you’ll need to get a little creative when it comes to storage ideas for small spaces when you’re measuring square footage in the hundreds rather than the thousands. Fortunately, if your space is on the smaller side, there are a ton of small space organization ideas you can use. 

You can only fit so much stuff inside your walls, so the more creatively you can arrange things, the better. We would all do major decluttering or KonMari if it were simple. But most of us have to figure out storage solutions because stuff, at least some of it, is important. 

Small Space Storage Ideas

  1. Storage Solutions for Pantry Cupboards
Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

While a random arrangement of items atop your cabinets may appear stylish, it can also quickly become messy. Alternatively, to make storing items appear intentional, tidy, and orderly, stack baskets atop pantry cupboards. 

  1. Innovative Staircase Design with Pull-Out Drawers
Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Build a new set of stairs or a stair landing with pull-out drawers if you have the space to construct anything in your house. 

  1. Over-the-Door Storage Solutions
Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

You don’t always have the time or space to arrange your storage pieces cutesily when you have spatial challenges. While not particularly stylish, over-the-door shoe racks do the job and make creative, useful use of that dead space. Not every door needs to have one of these on it. 

  1. Maximizing Wall Space with Storage Units
Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Indeed, it would be awesome to paint or apply wallpaper in the shape of a geometric mural on a wall and then enjoy the overall visual impact. However, you can’t afford to have all that wall empty in a tiny space. And this is one of the best small space storage ideas. You just need to look for a storage unit that you can cram as tightly as possible into any small, somewhat awkward stretch of drywall.

  1. Dresser as an Alternative to Media Consoles
Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

It’s not required to use a physical media console or entertainment center with your television. Actually, those pieces are usually made to be low-slung and to hold electronics. A much better option is an IKEA dresser.

In theory, because one of these guys is taller, it could occupy the same amount of floor space but create a lot more heat in the storage area. Perhaps you could store kitchenware or even off-season clothing here?

  1. Chests and Benches with Hidden Compartments
Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

This is by far our favorite storage idea for small spaces. Chests and benches that come with hidden compartments are your best friends for hiding all kinds of stuff and serving as seats for visitors and friends. It is always preferable to find something that serves two purposes. Looking for more ways to maximize storage in small spaces? Check out our article on Perfect Small Bathroom Storage Ideas and Solutions for You!

  1. Corner Storage Hacks
Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Compared to using a stool, rack, or table, corner storage can be made so much easier and less noticeable with the help of the little hooks. You can hang coats, handbags, and umbrellas to free up the much needed floor space.

  1. Innovative Curtain Solution 
Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Don’t have a closet? Not an issue. Curtains are an innovative solution for this. You can simply hang curtains on a tension rod to conceal the remnants of this improvised wardrobe after mounting shelves, racks, and bins in abundance onto your wall. Clutter in the eyes—gone in a flash!

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