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Creative Small Patio Ideas that are Pet Friendly

Hey there, if you want to make your backyard more enjoyable and safe for your furry friend, why not add some of these vet-approved small patio ideas? They’re all about making your pup’s senses come alive! (But hey, don’t forget those daily walks!)

Choosing the Right Surface for Your Small Dog Bathroom

To have that pet-friendly patio, you have two good choices for a small dog bathroom: gravel or a small area of grass. Another option is fake grass, which stays clean and is easy to clean. However, it needs regular care and can get really warm in sunlight. To tackle this, pet owners spray water on it during hot days to keep it cool.

Small Patio Ideas

To set up your fake grass, we recommend digging three to four inches into the ground. Compact the soil by hand before putting down a weed barrier and finely crushed stone. After another round of compacting by hand, water the subbase to make sure it’s level.

While the fake grass is outside, let it sit for about two hours to soften, smooth out any wrinkles, and make it easier to handle. Secure the fake grass with six-inch galvanized nails, then spread sand on top for support.

Creating a Digging Spot for Your Dog

For pet friendly patios, keeping your furry friend entertained is important. If your dog enjoys digging, consider designating a special area for that activity. One method is to dig a pit in the ground and fill it with sand or crush-resistant balls. However, a store-bought kiddie pool will suffice. 

Small Patio Ideas

A children’s portable sandbox with a lid is also suitable for this purpose. They are very sturdy, and it is convenient because you can cover them if it rains.

Enhancing Yard Stimulation for Dogs

Tinctures and sprays that mimic the scents of animals such as possums, pheasants, and raccoons can provide yard stimulation, especially for dogs who live in cities and may not pick up on those scents as much as they would if they lived in a more rural area or had more land or a larger yard.

A garden with interesting-smelling plants can also keep a dog entertained. Keep in mind that herbs from your dog’s garden should not be used for cooking. Most importantly, consult the ASPCA’s list of toxic plants for dogs so you know which varieties to avoid.

Small Patio Ideas

If you want to grow herbs for personal use, use hanging planters that your dog cannot reach, even when standing on his hind legs. Make sure that wherever you hang it, it is very sturdy so that it does not fall, especially if your dog is hanging around the yard. Looking for more inspiration? Check out our article on 10 Creative Small Patio Ideas for Cozy Outdoor Living!

Consider Pet Predatory Instincts When Choosing Plants

Small Patio Ideas

You might want to remember that certain plants are more effective at drawing birds and other animals, depending on your pet. You probably don’t want to draw in birds, squirrels, and other small animals that your dog might mistake for prey if your dog has a strong sense of predatory motivation.

Climbing Opportunities

For pet friendly patios, providing climbing opportunities can be a great way to keep your dog entertained and provide exercise.

Small Patio Ideas

For dogs, having the ability to go up and down can be enjoyable and stimulating, as well as provide additional opportunities for physical activity.  It is also not necessary for these objects to be costly or be permanent fixtures. Benches and stools can be used for climbing over or under, and logs, tree stumps, or rocks can simulate a more expansive outdoor setting.

To build a climbing platform, recycle old car tires and stack them. You can also use a single tire with gravel or sand for more digging opportunities, or with herbs for sniffing. Make sure the climbing obstacles are safe, secure, and at a suitable height depending upon the size of your dog.

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