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Let There Be Light: The Ultimate Guide to Floor Lamps

Floor lamps can simply be defined as tall standing lights which are placed on the floor to create some sort of ambiance in a room. These lights are commonly seen to be placed in a corner of a room or behind seating areas. 

Floor lamps consist of a strong base, a long pole, one or more bulb sockets, and a lamp shade. 

  • The base of the lamp supports the length and carries the entire weight of the lamp. 
  • The pole gives a certain height to the lamp.
  • Bulb sockets are present to accommodate the bulbs that are to be used in the lamp. 
  • The shade of the lamp helps to define the direction of the light and protects us from its glares. 

Why opt for floor lamps?

Modern floor lamps are a complete game changer. Not only do these have a high functional value, but are also aesthetically pleasing. 

The best thing about modern floor lamps is their versatility. They come in various types of different shapes and sizes to fit into any space. That’s why these lamps have always been a designer’s top choice. 

When placed in a living room, a floor lamp elevates the ambiance and aesthetics of the area, creating an illusion to make it appear spacious. On the other hand, when placed in a bedroom, it serves as a utility light allowing activities like reading and sketching. 

Also, we cannot ignore the fact that how simple it is to install a floor lamp. It is also lightweight and portable.  

Furthermore, a living room floor lamp can be accommodated in a small space. Hence, it is safe to say that one can even beautify a small space simply by installing a simple and sleek floor lamp. 

Some lamps even come with an attached shelf which serves both the purpose of illumination as well as beautification of the room.

How to use floor lamps?

Floor lamps can be a great option to decorate your house without having to spend much on buying multiple decorative pieces.  Nowadays we see several statement designs of floor lamps that are also very useful. In domestic setups, we recommend floor lamps for the living room to be placed at some corner. In some cases, floor lamps can also be put in the bedroom to maintain a particular theme. 

Additionally, floor lamps could also be used in other rooms of the house. For example, a small shelf floor lamp can be placed at the study room to get rid of the dullness of the place.

These days, we see floor lamps being used in offices as well. A designer modern floor lamp, such as a brass floor lamp when placed at the reception of an office completely changes the environment of the place. The lamp adds a lot of aesthetics and positivity to the room. 

Similarly, a quirky design of a wooden floor lamp could be used in the seating area of an office to represent the casual vibes of the place.  

What are the different types of floor lamps?

There has been a significant evolution in the designs of floor lamps. Here we will talk about some of the popular types of living room floor lamps. 

  • Antique floor lamp
Floor Lamps

Antique floor lamps are also known as vintage lamps. These lamps are well known for offering a beautiful vintage vibe in the room. Antique floor lamps must be used in places where a vintage theme or ambiance is required. It works fine for both living room and bedroom. 

  • Arch floor lamps
Floor Lamps

An arch floor lamp is a long-length light that forms a structure of an arch. It is mainly used to illuminate furniture such as on top of a cupboard or a shelf.  The ideal way to place an arch floor lamp is to put it behind the sofa. 

The shape of an arch floor lamp provides light from the top hence it can also be used as an alternative to the ceiling light. 

  • LED floor lamp
Floor Lamps

As the name suggests, modern-day LED floor lamps use LED bulbs instead of the regular ones. It is said that these LED bulbs are more cost-efficient however they do not compromise their utility. They are also considered more resilient and durable compared to others. 

  • Torchiere floor lamp
Floor Lamps

Torcherie floor lamps have a simple and sleek design. The shade of this lamp is closed towards the base and open on top. Hence these lamps throw light towards the ceiling, eventually illuminating the entire room and improving its ambience. 

The torchiere floor lamps can also be used as an alternative to fancy, decorative ceiling lights

  • Tripod floor lamp 
Floor Lamps

As the name suggests, a tripod floor lamp comes with a three-legged base with a beautiful shade. These lamps create an illusion to make the room appear bigger and more spacious.  

Tripod floor lamps can also be used as a bedroom floor lamp. The height and shape of the lamp make it a perfect choice as a utility light used for reading or painting. 

  • Shelf floor lamp
Floor Lamps

A shelf floor lamp is a lamp that comes with shelves added to it. It looks like a shelf that also has a bulb attached on top. As a result, it serves both the purpose of a living room floor lamp, as well as a shelf. A shelf lamp illuminates the room, as well as the things kept on the shelves. Although such type of floor lamp looks more appropriate in the living room. But one might also place it in a bedroom. Floor lamps with shelves should also be the number one choice for those having a space crunch. 

  • Floor lamp with tables
Floor Lamps

Floor lamps with tables are quite similar to the shelf floor lamp. Instead of a shelf, it comes with a small table which can be used as a bedside table as well. This type of lamp is recommended for use in a bedroom so that the table can be used for keeping one’s personal belongings. 

Some people might as well choose to keep such lamps in their living room as well depending upon the theme and ambience of it.  

  • Wooden floor lamp
Floor Lamps

As the name suggests, a wooden floor lamp is made out of wood. Such lamps do come under the category of antique floor lamps or vintage floor lamps.  These lamps are ideal for installing in a room which majorly consists of wooden furniture and has wooden walls and floors. For more tips on enhancing your living space, check out our blog on Unlocking Stylish Living Room Designs For Small Spaces.  

How to maintain a floor lamp?

A good maintenance routine will help you to restore your beautiful floor lamps for years. Let’s see what are the thumb rules for floor lamp maintenance. 

  • Avoid the contact of moisture as much as possible. Try to install moisture-proof shades so that they can resist moisture. 
  • Keep away dust from your floor lamp. Use a clean feather duster to clean dust regularly.  
  • In the case of a non-metallic floor lamp, use a damp cloth to clean off the dust from its surface effectively. However, it’s better to clean using a dry cloth in case of metallic surfaces. 
  • Use a dry, soft cloth to clean the lampshade. Avoid drenching it in water.  
  • Maintain a regular cleaning routine to increase the longevity of your floor lamps. 
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