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Foldable Beds: Your Secret Weapon for Small Spaces

Foldable beds are multifunctional furniture that can be used to maximize the storage space of a small room when the bed is not being used. If you are struggling with small space in your room, then foldable beds or a foldable single bed could come to your rescue. Currently, there are various types of foldable beds available on the market. But before we jump off to that, let us know about the history behind these foldable beds. 

Foldable Beds and its History

Looking back in time, we can tell that foldable beds have been around for a long time. During the 18th century, we witnessed ‘bureau beds’, which could be folded up to look like desks. They even featured fake drawers that looked like actual desks when folded. During the 19th Century, we saw an evolution of foldable beds as they gained more popularity during that era. Finally, in the 20th Century, William Lawrence Murphy invented fold-down beds or Murphy beds. 

There is an interesting story behind his invention. It is believed that William wanted to impress an opera singer, but his small one-room apartment didn’t have enough space for a guest. Hence, he came up with the idea of foldable beds, which was widely accepted around the world. Ever since then, foldable beds have remained the one-stop solution for space optimization in compact spaces.

Benefits of Foldable Beds

Foldable Beds
Image Source: Midjourney

If you believe that foldable beds are only meant for space-saving solutions, then you are wrong! Foldable beds have several other benefits, which are listed below: 

  • Space Optimization: The most interesting and beneficial aspect of foldable beds is their ability to optimize space. In a matter of seconds, you can easily transform a foldable bed into a compact table. Thus, you do not need to worry about a small apartment anymore. 
  • Easily Ready for Guests: You can easily get ready for surprise guests and sleepovers with the help of a foldable bed. You do not have to make your guests sleep on a mattress. Instead, you can pull a foldable bed for them.
  • Easily Portable: The lightweight foldable beds can be easily transported from one place to another. They also come with carrying cases.
  • Multifunctional Furniture: Unlike traditional beds, foldable beds can be used in multiple ways. You can easily transform them into a couch, desk, or even a foldable sofa bed. Thus, foldable beds are multifunctional furniture with high functional value.

Types of Foldable Beds 

Foldable Beds
Image Source: Midjourney

Now that you are aware of all the benefits of foldable beds, you must be convinced enough to get one for your apartment. But, before you go and buy one, let us tell you about the types of foldable beds: 

  • The Wall Beds: The wall beds or the Murphy bed is the one which was invented by William Murphy. These beds fold vertically into the wall, creating space in the room. 
  • The Classic Camp Cot: This is the most popular type of foldable bed. It features a simple metal frame with a canvas or mesh base. It is affordable, lightweight, and can be easily transported from one place to another. These types of foldable single cots are mostly preferred during camping. 
  • The Platform Foldable Bed: This is a modern version of the classic foldable bed. They often come with a mattress and provide a more comfortable sleeping experience than a camp cot. 
  • The Z-Bed: As the name suggests, Z-beds fold in a zig-zag pattern, creating a surprisingly comfortable and supportive sleeping surface. They’re often thicker than camp cots, and some platforms are foldable, making them a good choice for guest beds or temporary sleeping arrangements.

How to Choose Foldable Beds? 

Now that we have shared all the necessary information about foldable beds, it’s time to guide how you can choose the best foldable bed. Follow the following tips to choose a foldable bed: 

  • Measure Your Space: Before buying a foldable bed impulsively, always make a note of measuring the space available to you. 
  • Determine Your Budget: The next step is to determine the budget for buying a foldable bed. Once you are done with determining the budget, we can move on to searching for foldable beds. 
  • Determine the Purpose: The next important step is to determine the purpose of your purchase. If you are looking for a bed for a single person, then go for a foldable single bed. Make sure to choose the bed that suits your requirements. 
  • Prioritize Comfort: When buying a foldable bed, prioritize comfort over style. 
  • Focus on Quality: Consider the materials used in your foldable bed and its overall quality.
  • Consider Folding Mechanism: Make sure to choose a foldable bed that has a simple folding mechanism for convenient use.
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