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Splash of Style: How to Choose Indoor Water Fountain for Home

Whenever we think of fountains, an image of a vintage European fountain with pillars, sculptures, and intricate design comes to our mind. Fountains always evoke a sense of beauty and elegance. Nowadays, we rarely spot magnificent fountains like those ancient Roman fountains. However, we frequently spot water fountains indoors in several houses. They form a great decoration piece, giving a serene vibe to a room. 

If you are looking forward to buying indoor water fountains for your house, we welcome you to this article. Join us in this journey, where we have explored the world of indoor fountains in this article. 

History of Indoor Water Fountain 

Before we learn how to install indoor water fountains in our homes, let us know about the rich history of indoor water fountains. 

The concept of indoor water fountains dates back to the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Rome. These cultures depicted water as both a spiritual and a decorative element. You must be wondering why Egyptian temples and palaces have fountains. Well, as per the ancient Egyptian culture, water symbolizes fertility and abundance. 

In the medieval era, indoor water fountains symbolized class, sophistication, and wealth. People in that era used to install indoor water fountains as a symbol of their societal status. 

In the 18th and 19th centuries, indoor water fountains evolved as decorative hydraulic systems, including pumps and reservoirs for water supply. 

Cut short to the 21st century. At present, indoor water fountains are used as decorative pieces. They are a symbol of wealth, elegance, and sophistication.   

Types of Indoor Water Fountain 

If you are looking forward to installing an indoor water fountain, you must be aware of its types. The following are the various types of modern indoor water fountains: 

Traditional Indoor Water Fountains

Indoor Water Fountain
Image Source: Midjourney

Traditional indoor water fountains have a vintage look, drawing inspiration from the past. They look elegant, sophisticated, and high-end at the same time. 

Wall-Mounted Indoor Water Fountains

Indoor Water Fountain
Image Source: Midjourney

Wall-mounted indoor water fountains are attached to the wall. As a result, they save space on the floor. They promote a practical design of indoor water fountains. You may get a small or big one, depending on your preference. They have a flowing water structure, which gives a sense of serenity to the room. 

Tabletop Indoor Water Fountains

Indoor Water Fountain
Image Source: Midjourney

Indoor tabletop water fountains are small and compact units that can be placed on top of a table, desks, or shelves. These are also indoor water fountains with lights. If you are looking for practical options, then go for tabletop indoor water fountains. They do not occupy too much space but also elevate the beauty of your room. 

Floor Indoor Water Fountains

Indoor Water Fountain
Image Source: Midjourney

Floor indoor water fountains are usually meant for large rooms or commercial spaces. This fountain type features a large structure directly placed on the floor. It might have pillars, sculptures, and other intricate details. They occupy a larger floor space, making themselves the ultimate point of focus.

Custom Indoor Water Fountains

Image Source: Midjourney

Custom indoor water fountains are usually tailor-made to one’s preferred choice of size and design. They might feature thematic designs as well. It entirely depends on your vision of how you want your indoor water fountain to look. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Indoor Water Fountain

Once you have made up your mind about buying a water fountain indoors, there is no one stopping you. But have you considered the factors you need to know before purchasing a water fountain indoors? If no, then read the following: 

  • Space and Placement: Before you go and impulsively buy an indoor fountain, determine the positioning of the fountain and the space available for it. If you end up buying a bigger or smaller fountain compared to your required size, your purpose will fail. 
  • Style and Design: Determine the style and design of the indoor water fountain that you want for your home. Otherwise, you will aimlessly keep searching for a fountain and waste time in the process. 
  • Maintenance and Care: The idea of installing an indoor water fountain seems exciting in the beginning. But without proper maintenance, the fountain would stop functioning at some point. Know about all the maintenance and care instructions for a fountain before buying it.


Is it good to have a water fountain inside a house? 

Having a water fountain inside a house is a great idea to elevate the beauty of it. You can choose from various designs, such as wall-mounted or indoor tabletop water fountains for your home.

Should I leave my indoor water fountain on all the time? 

We won’t recommend you always turn your water fountain on as it can consume too much electricity. You may turn off the water fountain when you leave the house.

Where should a water fountain be put inside the house? 

You may place a fountain in a big room or at a place where you want to draw maximum attention. 

How do I keep my indoor fountain water fresh? 

Distilled water can help you keep your fountain water fresh and prevent algae settlement. 

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