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5 Top Interior Design Trends In 2024

As we step into 2024,  the realization sets in that we’ve already traversed a significant portion of the 21st century. Amidst the whirlwind of uncertainty that marked recent years, we’ve recentered ourselves by prioritizing our home environments. Whether it’s carving out spaces for in-home offices or creating cozy nooks for relaxation, our homes have become sanctuaries.

Interestingly, areas of the home that were previously underestimated, such as hallways, pantries, utility rooms, and laundry rooms, are taking center stage and undergoing a design uplift. 

The interior design trends 2024 extends to an increased interest in handmade and eclectic vintage interior design, with growing searches on platforms like Etsy and Pinterest. This suggests a shift towards appreciating and enhancing overlooked spaces within homes and a preference for unique, eclectic design elements.

Top Interior Design Trends In 2024

  1. Tones like peach and apricot on rise 
Tones like peach and apricot on rise - interior design 2024

In 2024, the color trends in home design are embracing the soft and delightful tones of peach and apricot. Pantone has named Peach Fuzz as its color of the year, radiating warmth and modern elegance. 

WGSN’s color of 2024, Apricot Crush, offers versatility, pairing well with neutrals and naturals, making it suitable for textiles, glass, and various home products.

These hues provide the foundation for creating intriguing narratives in interior design. Apricot Crush can be complemented with greens, purples, and blues for a vibrant contrast. 

Additionally, the combination of peach and turquoise tones, inspired by the tropical palette, is making its mark in interior styles in 2024 and honestly we think it is one of the best interior design trends 2024. Despite their tropical association, these shades can also evoke a neutral and timeless feel.

  1. Hot Metals In For Interior Style In 2024
Hot Metals In For Interior Style In 2024 - Interior design trends

In 2024, the home decor landscape is experiencing a metallic renaissance with the resurgence of chrome, steel, and aluminum. Pinterest’s 2024 predictions highlight a “Hot Metals” board, emphasizing a surreal aesthetic reminiscent of the shimmering fluidity of liquid mercury.

This shift is undoubtedly one of the Best interior design trends 2024, signifying a departure from previous years’ earthy tones. Instead of the industrial connotations often associated with metals, these finishes serve as reflective elements that amplify a room’s existing ambiance. However, it’s worth noting that stainless-steel appliances might be losing their luster in terms of trendiness.

Bright aluminums and silver are poised to eclipse the dominance of gold and black metals from previous years. For those looking to incorporate these metallic elements, opting for brushed chrome or nickel finishes can offer a more refined and sophisticated aesthetic, avoiding an overly shiny appearance.

  1. Interior Decor Trends 2024 Jewel Tones Edition 

Interior styles in 2024 are undergoing a captivating transformation with the resurgence of jewel tones. These rich, saturated hues, reminiscent of precious gems, are injecting spaces with a sense of velvety allure and depth. 

This renewed interest in color marks a refreshing departure from the pervasive neutral palettes that have dominated interiors for years.

Jewel tones serve as versatile elements in design, capable of acting as striking accents or commanding attention as the focal point of a room. 

Their inherent richness and depth offer a compelling contrast to virtually any aesthetic, making them a go-to choice for those looking to infuse their spaces with sophistication and visual interest. 

Whether used sparingly to add a pop of color or embraced fully to create a lavish atmosphere, jewel tones are undeniably part of the 2024 interior design trends, offering a refreshing departure from the neutral palettes of yesteryears. 

  1. Romanticism In For Interior Styles In 2024
Romanticism In For Interior Styles In 2024

Embracing a resurgence of romanticism in interior styles in 2024 brings forth a renewed appreciation for the emotive power of aesthetics. This isn’t merely a nostalgic nod to bygone eras like the 19th century or the 1980s; it’s a bold reimagining of what romantic design can signify in a contemporary context. 

The color palette of romantic design unfolds in a spectrum of pinks and reds, accompanied by the delicate elegance of florals, lace, and ribbons. This trend is not confined to clichés but rather invites a fresh and modern interpretation of romantic elements.

Far from a mere Valentine’s Day aesthetic, romanticism in interior design is making a significant impact, offering a departure from the dominance of minimalist styles.

A notable manifestation of this trend is the resurgence of maximalist florals, extending from pillows to bedding and area rugs. Botanical inspiration is weaving its way into textiles, with larger-than-life blooms and floral maximalism displacing the subtlety of previous design movements like Cottagecore and Grandmillenial styles.

  1. Americana For Interior Styles In 2024
americana for interior styles in 2024

Interior styles in 2024 heralds a captivating blend of past and present, a harmonious fusion of historical eras that transcends mere aesthetics. The resurgence of Americana in design trends is not merely a nod to nostalgia; it represents a profound shift in our understanding and appreciation of American material culture.

This renewed interest in Americana is underscored by a more inclusive narrative that recognizes the contributions of marginalized communities—craftspeople of color, women, Native Americans, immigrants, and more—who have shaped the rich tapestry of American design history. It’s not just about adorning spaces with antiques; it’s about embracing a diverse heritage and acknowledging the myriad voices that have crafted it.

Drawing parallels with early 20th-century avant-garde movements, today’s enthusiasts are rediscovering the bold and graphic elements of Americana, resonating with the radical spirit of pioneers like the Shakers. 

2024 interior design trends offer a rich tapestry of innovative, diverse, and enduring design legacies. From the soft hues of peach and apricot to the metallic renaissance and the resurgence of romanticism and Americana, the design landscape is evolving in captivating ways. Embrace these trends, explore new possibilities, and redefine your living spaces with a blend of style, functionality, and sophistication.

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