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10 Fitted Wardrobe Design Ideas to Transform Your Space

Wish you could live a quiet life, freeing up your space and getting rid of clutter with these fitted wardrobe design ideas? Designing a bedroom involves many factors. Nonetheless, plenty of storage should never be an afterthought—it should always be considered during the planning process.

Fitted Wardrobe Ideas for Bedrooms

There are custom-made solutions that integrate seamlessly into your bedroom storage, making the most of every available space. If money is tight, you can go with an off-the-peg solution. This is where you can specify the number of shelves, rails, racks, and drawers inside.

Whichever option you choose, these bedroom wardrobe ideas will give you tons of storage and a beautifully designed space.

  1. Texture Enhancement

Fitted wardrobes are ideal for saving space while also looking stylish. It’s also an excellent way to add detail with your choice of finish and door styles. You can also be creative, as fitted cabinets allow you to do so much more than freestanding cabinets.

Texture Enhancement

While fitted doors are a great way to save space, they can also look very modern and hard. A good solution is to cover the front panels with a softer texture, such as rattan. 

  1. Space Optimization

Fitted bedroom furniture doesn’t always equate to a row of wardrobes at one end of your room. These kinds of wardrobes can be paired with storage headboards and recessed cabinets for additional storage if you have the room.

Space Optimization

Since space-wasting back panels are not necessary, you can install cabinets as deep or shallow as the available space will allow. Doors and shelves can be made in any depth or height to accommodate slopes, beams, cornicing, and architraves thanks to the ability to design custom solutions.

Bay windows can be made into seating areas, eaves can be made into storage areas, and chimney breasts can be hidden or made into a feature. Not everything cannot be accommodated.

  1. Angled Spaces Solutions

The majority of homes, especially those built during the era, lack perfect symmetry, so any furniture chosen must complement the room’s features, which can range from low ceilings and asymmetrical walls to skirting boards and architraves. These quirks are too much for freestanding furniture to handle.

Angled Spaces Solutions

On the other hand, fitted wardrobes produce designs that blend in seamlessly with your home’s architecture. These don’t feel like a piece that has been placed inside the room; rather, they are a part of it.

Fitted wardrobes are practically gap-free, preventing dust from getting trapped. You will also make the most of every square centimeter of storage that is available in the area.

  1. Kids Room Organization

With so many toys to put away and frequently small rooms, fitted wardrobes are your best option for maximizing the available space in children’s rooms. You can fit in a bed, a play area, and clothing storage with it.

Kids Room Organization

To avoid making the space feel too crowded, choose designs that make the most of the room’s height in addition to its width and depth. Additionally, don’t forget to leave as much floor space as possible.

  1. Hidden Desk Setup

One of our favorite fitted wardrobe ideas, if you don’t have a spare room for a home office, is to set up a secret desk area in an aisle of storage. It is made to fit next to your wardrobes and opens to reveal a desk area that is large enough to hold a useful extra mirror.

Hidden Desk Setup

And the best part? All traces of your WFH office space vanish when the workday ends—you just need to close the door!

  1. Illusion of Space 

Mirrored doors are a great choice for attic bedrooms because they make the space appear twice as large. Select sliding doors to maintain a flush and uninterrupted surface since they don’t require handles, knobs, or pulls.

Illusion of Space

Sliding doors are also perfect for small spaces because they don’t require an opening into a room.

  1. Color Drenching Trend

This year, a popular trend is “color drenching,” where fitted furniture, skirting, and walls are all covered in one striking shade. It gives bedrooms a look that is almost dreamy and cocoon-like.

For instance, you could have a set of partially built-in wardrobes that create a wet appearance. The matching bedspread will then mimic the drenched look of the wardrobes, giving the impression that the furniture is regressing against the matching wall.

Color Drenching Trend

Properties from the past that have ornamental mouldings and traditional architecture tend to look great with this style. The pieces will seem to have always been there if you select a style that complements the architecture as a whole.

  1. Adaptable Painting Options

Color drenching, which includes painting your walls, skirting, and architraves the same statement color, is the newest interior design trend that we discussed above. Fitted wardrobes are an excellent way to make the most of this aesthetic because they allow you to embrace a characterful look on one or more sides of your bedroom.  

Adaptable Painting Options

Furthermore, if you choose a painted fitted wardrobe, you will have plenty of room to change up your bedroom color scheme in the future with a simple lick of paint. 

  1. Seamless Integration

Let the bed take center stage with fitted wardrobes that can be painted the same color as your walls to keep them discrete and unobtrusive. 

Seamless Integration

Of course, traditional door designs will always be in style. But go for a modern take on such a timeless design that is adaptable to any house. 

  1. Functional Breakfast Cupboards

Breakfast cupboards are a common kitchen feature, so why not incorporate a similar idea into your fitted wardrobe? Enjoy the comfort of a separate area for your hairdryer and pampering supplies, all discreetly hidden behind closed doors.

Functional Breakfast Cupboards

With a mirror to check yourself and glass-fronted drawers, you can see where items are stored in an instant, allowing you to get ready quickly.

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