Attract Good Vibes:  Feng Shui Home Design Tips

Designed by: Harshvardhan Taunk

Living Room:  Clear clutter, add plants, and position furniture for communication.

Kitchen:  Place stove and sink apart, decorate above cabinets, use Bagua map.

Home Office:  Declutter, face desk towards door, choose calming colors.

Bedroom:  Position bed opposite door, invest in headboard, use earthy shades.

Optimize Layout:  Position furniture for tranquility and productivity.

Commanding View:  Arrange spaces for optimal energy and flowPosition furniture for tranquility and productivity.

Balance Elements:  Incorporate metal, wood, and natural fibers.

Enhance Energy:  Follow Feng Shui principles for balanced home design.

Create Harmony:  Feng Shui decor promotes positive energy flow.

Harmonious Living:  Infuse Feng Shui principles for a balanced lifestyle.