10 best home and interior design tools, apps and software

Designed by: Harshvardhan Taunk

This software lets you create and modify 3D models of your entire home, from furniture placement to realistic renderings.

It lets you create 2D and 3D floor plans. Customize your design with furniture, walls, textures, and even generate a shopping list!

Another online tool for creating stunning 3D models. Add furniture, change colors and textures, and create a shopping list to bring your vision to life.

Considering IKEA furniture? This app lets you use your phone or tablet to see how IKEA pieces would look in your space using augmented reality.

Similar to IKEA Place, this app from DFS lets you virtually place their furniture in your room using your phone or tablet.

This tool allows you to create a 2D layout of your kitchen, add cabinets, appliances, and countertops, and even estimate renovation costs.

Design your dream bathroom with this tool. Create a 2D layout, add fixtures, and see how different tiles and finishes would look.

Thinking about new carpet? Upload a photo of your room and see how different carpets from Carpetright would look in your space.

This diagramming tool can also be used for creating detailed floor plans, perfect for those who like a more technical approach.

This user-friendly online tool creates detailed 2D floor plans, including furniture placement, for a clear picture of your space.