13 Best Wall Paint Design for Bedroom

Designed by: Kunal Prajapati

Match a nearby room to a hue in the print for a cohesive look that adds attitude.

Enhance your wallpaper's impact

Use limewash to add depth and history to walls. Choose from various hues for a classic touch.

Imitate texture with paint

"Dip" your wall by painting three-quarters up. Enhance architectural features or create visual intrigue.

Partial painting can add flair

Apply it to walls with decorative molding for added dimension.

Elevate your paint choice with molding

Commission a professional artist for unique, transportive artwork on your walls.

Ignite imagination  with a mural

Show confidence with a bold, moody hue like charcoal, perfect for large rooms. 

Embrace drama with dark paint

Rich earth tones add drama and depth for an immersive vibe.

Create a sanctuary with moody mahogany

Pale lavender walls evoke romance and tranquility, perfect for a serene bedroom.

Embrace lavender as a neutral

Pair bold white walls with vibrant red bedding, artwork, and floors.

Create contrast with bright red accents

It's a fearless choice that adds vibrancy to any space.

Embrace boldness with bubblegum pink

Its vibrant hue adds a cheerful touch to any room.

Radiate joy with coral paint

Versatile and warm, it's a dependable neutral that pairs well with pops of color or classic decor.

Elevate your bedroom with cream

Unexpected yet warm, it's a great option for those who want to explore color without opting for bright neons or pastels.

Experiment with  terra cotta