10 Brilliant Hacks to Fix Your Awkward Living Room Layout

Designed by Harshvardhan Taunk

Narrow Living Room with Off-Center Furniture

Instead, position furniture like the sofa slightly off-center, creating a designated walkway and maximizing space in a narrow room.

Awkward Pillar Disruption

Living rooms with intrusive pillars can be tricky.  Embrace the pillar!  Utilize it as a  room divider, incorporating shelving.

Open Floor Plan Blues

Large open floor plans sometimes lack definition.  Create separate zones using area rugs and furniture placement.

Odd-Shaped Room

Embrace the oddity!  Don't fight the irregular shape.  Use curved furniture or strategically angled pieces to complement the unique layout.

Multiple Doors and Windows

Excessive doorways and windows can disrupt furniture placement.  Turn these "obstacles" into opportunities.

Sunken Living Room

Sunken living rooms can feel isolated.  Bridge the gap by incorporating steps with built-in seating or storage.

Low Ceiling Woes

A low ceiling can make a space feel cramped.  Opt for low-profile furniture and visually extend the height with vertical elements like tall plants, mirrors, or sheer curtains.

Fireplace Focal Point Fumble

Fireplaces can become a dominating feature.  Balance the space by flanking the fireplace with built-in shelves or cabinets, creating a cohesive look.

Exposed Beams: Blessing or Curse?

Exposed beams can add character but also complicate furniture placement.  Work with the beams!

Awkward Alcove

Don't let an alcove become wasted space.  Transform it into a cozy reading nook with a comfy chair and a bookshelf. Alternatively, use it as a work area with a desk and stylish lamp.